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Benefits of Becoming An
OB Great Influencer or Tutor


What is OB Great? 

OB Great is a transformative platform that serves as a bridge between people seeking mental health support and those who are looking to provide it. It is a one-on-one mental health organization that caters to average everyday individuals, offering holistic alternative ways to access mental health help. At OB Great, we believe that everyone has valuable experiences and insights to share, and our focus is on empowering ordinary individuals to support and uplift one another.

Through our platform, we provide a nurturing community where people can share their stories, wisdom, and encouragement, thereby fostering resilience and hope. We offer sessions for various subjects, including STEM, foreign languages, study skills, career development, creative arts, and more. Our tutors are skilled mentors who inspire growth, ignite curiosity, and instill a passion for learning. In addition to our empowering sessions, OB Great also offers a diverse range of motivational gifts in our gift shop, including mugs, shirts, natural skincare products like soaps and cocoa butter, perfumes, games, puzzles, and other mental health-themed items.

Our mission is to create a space where individuals can come together, support one another, and grow as they navigate life's challenges. Whether you are seeking mental health support or looking to share your experiences to help others, OB Great welcomes you with open arms, empowering you to be part of a community that celebrates the strength of the average everyday person.

Are you ready to make a profound impact on people's lives while enjoying a fulfilling and flexible career? Become an OB Great Influencer/Tutor today and unlock a world of incredible opportunities that go beyond the ordinary!


Empower Others

As an OB Great Influencer/Tutor, you'll have the chance to uplift and empower individuals on their mental health journeys. Your guidance and compassionate support can make a lasting difference in their lives, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your own.

Rewarding Pay

 Helping others doesn't mean sacrificing your financial well-being. At OB Great, we value your dedication and expertise, offering competitive pay for your valuable services.

Free Active Listening Certificate

 Enhance your skill set and credibility with a complimentary Active Listening Certificate. Your commitment to quality support is our priority, and this certificate is a testament to your dedication.

Flexible Work Hours

 Embrace the freedom of setting your own work hours. With OB Great, you can strike the perfect balance between personal life and career, maximizing your productivity and happiness.

Virtual Work

 Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to virtual convenience. As an OB Great Influencer/Tutor, you can work from the comfort of your home, connecting with clients across the globe.

Employee Discount

 Enjoy exclusive benefits as part of the OB Great team, including exciting employee discounts on products and services to enhance your own well-being.

Join a Supportive Community

 Be a part of a caring and understanding community, where like-minded individuals come together to support and encourage each other.

Expand Your Reach

 As an Influencer/Tutor with OB Great, you have the opportunity to reach a broad audience, extending your influence and making a positive impact on a global scale.

Personal Growth

 While you help others, you'll find that your own personal growth is limitless. With each interaction, you'll learn and evolve, gaining insights that enrich both your professional and personal life.


Don't miss this chance to be part of something extraordinary. Join OB Great as an Influencer/Tutor, and together, we'll create a world where mental wellness and genuine care form the foundation of positive change!


OB Great Influencer & Tutor Form 
Before you proceed, we kindly request you to click on the link below to obtain your free Active Listening Certificate. At OB Great, we prioritize the quality of our sessions, and to ensure that every interaction is truly meaningful, we require everyone (except for tutors) to acquire this certificate. Your dedication to active listening plays a crucial role in creating a supportive and compassionate environment for our valued clients. Get your certificate now and join us on our mission to empower and inspire through the power of genuine care and understanding.

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What is your highest academic level? (In addition to your Active Listening Certificate)

How Many Years of Tutoring Exprience Do You Have?


Non-Disclosure Statement:

  • Confidentiality: I agree not to disclose any personal information shared by clients, influencers, tutors, or any other individuals associated with OB Great. This includes but is not limited to, names, contact details, personal stories, and any sensitive information discussed during sessions.

  • Honesty and Integrity: I pledge to uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all interactions and engagements with OB Great and its community. I will provide accurate and truthful information at all times, and I understand the importance of maintaining trust and credibility within the organization.

  • Respecting Privacy: I understand that the privacy and well-being of our clients and team members are of utmost importance. I will refrain from discussing any confidential matters related to OB Great, its operations, or its members with third parties.

  • Credentials Verification: I acknowledge the significance of obtaining the right credentials for my role as an influencer or tutor at OB Great. I will ensure that my qualifications and certifications are valid, accurate, and relevant to the services I offer.

  • Ethical Conduct: I commit to conducting myself ethically and responsibly in all interactions with clients and team members. I will adhere to OB Great's policies and guidelines and follow the highest standards of professionalism.

This Non-Disclosure Statement reflects my dedication to maintaining confidentiality, honesty, and ethical behavior while being a part of the OB Great community. I understand that adhering to these principles is essential in fostering a safe and supportive environment for all involved.

I acknowledge and fully understand that in the event of any violation of my promise and agreement to uphold the highest standards of behavior and integrity on the esteemed OB Great platform, I am subject to disciplinary action, including potential termination from the platform. I am committed to maintaining the utmost respect, professionalism, and ethical conduct, ensuring a positive and honorable environment for all members of the OB Great community.

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