Our Mission Statement

Our mission as OB Great Influencers is to offer positive, emotional support to improve the quality of our customer's lives. We seek to also utilize our academic skills to tutor those who need guidance to overcome the adversities of learners working to study and understand work more effectively. Moreover, we strive to promote learning opportunities to the world with our experiences as past and current students completing studies through high school, college, independent studies, and beyond. 

established 2020

our goals

To reach high school and college students and people of the everyday world with the message of providing support to individuals through difficult, pivotal moments in life.

To provide affordable sessions that would be geared to financially aiding those in unique circumstances where they still may be listened to and/or provided high-quality tutoring

To give those the opportunity to learn ways to "get ahead" in life as well as diversify skills tailored towards being useful as an adult. 

Don't let your current circumstances make you think that you're not capable of creating a new reality for yourself. 

our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier choice in the industry that offers quality mental health and wellness services to our customers.

Let go of what's gone, be grateful for what remains, look forward to what's coming. 

our Keys to success

Location: we will provide an easily accessible site for clients, which can also be accessed through our website.

Client Retention: We will ensure the required number of clients are retained quickly. We will also allocate a substantial part of the company's budget to marketing and promotion activities.

Brand Recognition: Building awareness and name-brand recognition will be vital in retaining new clients and achieving sustainable growth.


Customer Satisfaction: In any service-oriented business, growth and stability are dependent on the ultimate satisfaction of a company's clients. We will ensure to deliver excellent customer service to all our clients.


Ample experience: The experiences garnered in relevant industries will pull a pool of business opportunities for scalability.

Adaptability: We will not only survive as a mental health and wellness resource company, but we will also thrive. We will adopt proactive measures and ingenious business strategies to enhance business adaptability in the face of external factors that may hamper business profitability and sustainability.