Frequently asked questions

What is OB Great?

✨OB Great is a Zoom, FaceTime, and Phone call platform thats allows you to speak to positive, down-to-earth, and open-minded people to listen to YOU, motivate YOU, love on YOU, tutor YOU, and empower YOU about anything happening in your life. ✨

Why become an OB Great Influencer?

OB Great is open to anyone wanting to commit to passionately empowering people who need any kind of motivation or tutoring aid. Influencers may combine their talents with tutoring or soley tutor in any subject. YOU CAAN EVEN CREATE YOUR OWN UNIQUE SESSION IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT TALENT THAT IS NOT OFFERED. For those who are passionate about teaching and spreading the encouragement...this is definitely for you!

How can I benefit from booking a session through OB Great?

💜✨Conquor Depression & Anxiety

💜✨Strengthen their Academics (chemistry, math, ACT, Spanish, more)

💜✨Receive Relationship & Dating Advice

💜✨Learn Networking & Job/ Medical School Interviewing Skills

💜✨Gain Quality Motivation & Encouragement

💜✨ And More