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A biology major student at Mississippi College on the road to becoming a doctor, our CEO, Macia Nicole Outlaw has always had an eye for improving the quality of life for people locally and globally. Now having served as a 2020 National Transfer Student Ambassador ( 1 of 4 in the nation) and being accepted into the Mississippi Rural Physician's Scholarship Program, a program designed to recruit more physicians in rural areas of Mississippi, she is well on her way to serving the people through medicine.

Since she was 14 years old, she was always the type to go above and beyond. Life for her at that time was way more than just academics and high school clubs. She wanted to explore the world for what it was and get exposure in places that she knew her friends would feel quite eerie just thinking about. She had begun shadowing health care professionals.


To her, shadowing was something that she has discovered over the years many students didn't really consider trying before they select and pursue their dreams of working in places like the medical field. Having to stay discrete about her first experience shadowing, it led her to see a patient fail to respond to CPR, resulting in death. Seeing this did not turn her away from the medical field, but instead, turned her into a magnet: 

"I wanted to draw closer and closer and see what more I could discover about the world of medicine. Thus, years later, I became a pro at finding where to shadow and whom I could shadow (nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, daycare specialists, medical doctors, and more)."


When she was a 19-year-old in her sophomore year of college, she was just constantly studying all the time. Macia mentioned how she was depressed because her father was in the hospital ( and unfortunately, he just passed away on January 5, 2021), and her parents had just called a quit to their marriage. This is where I gave birth to my now licensed business, OB Great LLC.

OB Great is a virtual, one-on-one mental health & wellness platform that provides anyone a safe place to be listened to as a human being.


" We want all of our customers to realize that life is a glorifying miracle and blessing from God. Not only are we surrounded by unexpected miracles, but being creative and working towards what we set our minds to is key to the blessings and miracles."


Anyone who needs a father or mother, brother or sister, and friend-type of the figure to speak to is why we are here. We want anyone's worries like depression, anxiety, confusion, and misled perceptions to be replaced with peace, calmness, & tranquility. Established in January of 2020, our mission as OB Great since then has been to improve the quality of our customers’ lives by providing self-improvement options. We at OB Great believe:


"There is a light within you that creates miracles within your body, soul, and mind from when you were born, too right here in this very moment. We also believe that everyone is a tightly wrapped gift of love, health, prosperity, and miracles; therefore, we want our motivation, encouragement, and advice to be the cause of every individual's mental health to skyrocket in a positive direction."

We seek to utilize our academic skills to tutor those who need guidance in school (or outside of school) to overcome the challenges that are barriers to learning efficiently. Additionally, we provide career services so that individuals may learn interviewing skills and public speaking skills to navigate the forever-changing world. A virtual resource communicating through Zoom, Skype, and Whatsapp communication platforms, we keep our sessions completely virtual to provide cost-efficient mental health support, tutoring aid, career service advice, and more.



Ultimately, OB Great strategically prioritizes relationship-building and skill-building methods to successfully aid any and everyone who needs it because, in the past, we needed it too.

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