Macia Outlaw


My name is Macia Outlaw, and I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Since I was a young girl, I was always interested in learning more about the biologies and chemistries occurring in the human...

Kiondra Leflore


My name is Kiondra Leflore, and I am an aspiring Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I always have had a passion of veterinary medicine, but as I began working in a nursery at my church, I found my true calling...

Ariadna Santos


I am an international student from Honduras. My family wanted me to have a better chance to study my major, which forensic science in biochemistry. With this, my greatest challenge became leaving home...

Joselynn Kennedy


Hey everyone! My name is Joselynn Kennedy, and I am a nursing major! My dream is to become a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner. I am from Brandon, Mississippi and have recently transferred from Jones...

Ja'Lynn Brown


Hey everyone! My name is Ja' Lynn Brown, and I am a nursing major student at the University of Southern Mississippi. OB Great has a passion to help others across the globe, whether if its the need of tutoring...

Dillon Thomas


My name is Dillon Thomas, and I am a Marketing/Public Relations and Marketing Manager major! I plan to own multiple business that can help people in all aspects of life through confidence, guidance, and spirituality.

Shateekna Leflore


My name is Shateekna Leflore, and I am a registered respiratory therapist. I have three children: the youngest wants to go into the military, the middle one wants to go into politics, and my eldest has just been...

Anh Hoang

Web Designer

My name is Anh Hoang, and I am the web designer for OB Great! I am a junior at Ole Miss, and I plan to work in the field of medicine by majoring in biochemistry. I hope you all can find the right session for you because...

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