Macia Outlaw


My name is Macia Outlaw, and I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Since I was a young girl, I was always interested in learning more about the biologies and chemistries occurring in the human...

Kiondra Leflore


My name is Kiondra Leflore, and I am an aspiring Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I always have had a passion of veterinary medicine, but as I began working in a nursery at my church, I found my true calling...

Ariadna Santos


I am an international student from Honduras. My family wanted me to have a better chance to study my major, which forensic science in biochemistry. With this, my greatest challenge became leaving home...


Dillon Thomas


My name is Dillon Thomas, and I am a Marketing/Public Relations and Marketing Manager major! I plan to own multiple business that can help people in all aspects of life through confidence, guidance, and spirituality.

Mikayla Lenoir


Hello! My name is Mikayla and I am from Hazlehurst, MS. I am a psychology major and sociology minor. My goals are to help people figure out trials in their lives and be the best counselor I can possibly be...

 Karelys Colon- Santiago


My name is Karelys Colon- Santiago, and I'm from Ponce, Puerto Rico but raised in Gautier, Mississippi. I went to Mississippi Gulf Coast CC for my first two years of college, and now I am finishing my bachelor's at ....

Shateekna Leflore


My name is Shateekna Leflore, and I am a registered respiratory therapist. I have three children: the youngest wants to go into the military, the middle one wants to go into politics, and my eldest has just been...

Anh Hoang

Web Designer


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My name is Anh Hoang, and I am the web designer for OB Great! I am a junior at Ole Miss, and I plan to work in the field of medicine by majoring in biochemistry. I hope you all can find the right session for you because...


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