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OB Great Gift Box

OB Great Gift Box

$55.00 Regular Price
$48.00Sale Price
45 Ounces

OB Great has created these boxes that provide self-care items that aim to help boost customers’ moods, encourage more positive thinking, and increase healthier habits.  At a value of $48, The box will include:

  • (1) Bare of OB Great Soap ( Yes, we have created homemade soap, especially great for sensitive skin). This soap comes in 3 different scents: 

  • Name: Stress Relief

  • Base Recipe: Olive Oil

  • Essential Oils: Peppermint

  • Inside: Chamomile Powder, Chlorophyll & Green Clay

  • On Top: Nothing / Textured

  • Name: Relaxation & Restore

  • Base Recipe: Olive Oil

  • Essential Oils: Lavender

  • Inside: Ashwagandha Powder, Pink Clay

  • On Top: Nothing/Textured

  • Name: Energy, Beauty, and Wellness

  • Base Recipe: Olive Oil

  • Essential Oils: Pink Grapefruit Lemon (4/4)

  • Inside: Ground Coffee, Turmeric, Yellow Clay

  • On Top: Calendula Petals

  • OB Great LED keychain (blue)

  • 3 OB Great Multi-styled pens

  • OB Great Mug (2 to choose from) (+ $5 if the customer selects positive affirmations mugs, the mug with all the writing all over it)

  • OB Great Affirmations Deck (10 cards) w/ Motivational Chip 

  • Complimentary Motivational Stickers

  • Inspirational Wrist-Band

  • T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X)

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