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Company Policy

At OB Great, we value the well-being of our team members and the quality of our virtual interactions. This policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for virtual work, ensuring a productive and respectful environment for all.

Virtual Work Platforms
Team members will primarily use Zoom, text messaging, and phone calls for virtual sessions. These platforms are to be used for official business communications only.

Work Environment
Employees are expected to work from a quiet and professional environment, free from distractions.
Backgrounds during virtual sessions should be appropriate and devoid of any offensive or distracting content.

Attire should be comfortable and appropriate for virtual meetings.
Attire may include comfortable clothing or an OB Great t-shirt that aligns with the nature of the interaction.

Behavior and Etiquette
All interactions must adhere to OB Great's values, code of conduct, and policies.
Respectful and inclusive language is required at all times.
Video sessions must maintain professional decorum; no inappropriate gestures, behavior, or clothing are allowed.
Any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior is strictly prohibited.

Confidentiality and Privacy
All discussions and materials shared during virtual sessions are confidential and should not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals.
Protecting the privacy of clients and fellow team members is of utmost importance.

Team members must join virtual sessions promptly at the scheduled time.
If an employee is unable to attend a virtual session, they must provide prior notice and reschedule if necessary.

Technical Requirements
Ensure that all necessary equipment, software, and a stable internet connection are available.
Technical difficulties should be promptly communicated to the relevant parties.

Recording and Documentation
1. Recording virtual sessions is not allowed without explicit consent from all parties involved.
2. Notes and records of virtual sessions must be securely stored and used for legitimate business purposes only.

Social Media and Communication
1. Sharing screenshots or discussing details of virtual sessions on social media or external platforms is strictly prohibited.

Consequences of Non-Compliance
Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary actions, including verbal warnings, written warnings, suspension, or termination of employment, depending on the severity of the violation.


OB Great is committed to providing a safe and professional virtual work environment that upholds our values and promotes positive interactions. All team members are expected to adhere to this policy to ensure a harmonious and productive work atmosphere.

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