Hey There! I'm Lavada England, Your OB Great Influencer!

Ms. Lavada England is a part of our family of OB Great Influencers! As the founder of House of Restoration Community Connection, she has a strong passion for helping women overcome life's most challenging obstacles. Nevertheless, she is dedicated to helping women, moms, teenage females, and more women to improve in areas like motherhood and lifestyle changes in females. Maybe you or someone you know may be interested in booking a one-on-one session with her? Let us know!

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My Story

One Woman Decided to Make a Stand

No matter your reason for being here, there's something seriously wrong occurring in our neighborhoods and across our country. ​Let me explain...​

In San Diego alone,  there are over 5000 kids who live under extreme social, emotional, and financial pressures. Though currently, some families have chosen to live on the streets, there are many desiring to get back into having a stable roof, food, and supportive services to get their life back on track. Others are leaving a traumatic and severely abusive relationship and truly have nowhere else to turn for themselves and their children. Now, I know that if you're reading these words that you probably agree no child is deserving or responsible for living under such circumstances.....

But Why Should YOU Care.....​?

You may be thinking to your self "why should I care?

" Well, if you let me explain, the why will begin to make a ton of sense...

After the birth of my first daughter, I found myself as a young mother way

in over my head. I was surrounded in a bad environment, lacking the life

experience and strength it takes to be a successful single mom. Yet, with the strength of God, I made it! 

Honestly, it's not always easy to talk about. Nevertheless, I started to make the wrong kinds of life decisions that were going to end in a horrible outcome for me and my children before the age of 20.

The amount of time, pain, suffering, and tears I endured throughout this time of my life was either going to drive me insane or mold me into a woman with fire and hunger to break the cycles of poverty and destruction. 

27 years later I've made it...

Now Other Women Need Your  Attention...

Beyond turning the corner in my own life for myself and my children, I became fully aware that God's purpose for me beyond my family was to help reach as many women in similar circumstances, by educating, encouraging, and empowering women to rise up from the inside out!


Many have asked why have I chosen to "deal" with this particular population. My simple answer is that "I am that population!" I have had some great temporary examples of overcoming obstacles and individuals who have helped, yet again God has been the constant.

So our community goal is to provide the most rapid, most relevant, and most supportive resources. We do this by meeting the feminine deficiencies through "Self-Reflectatory Enrichment and Preventive Workshops," Intensive Case Management, Advocacy, and Consulting. One of the greatest accomplishments is providing mentors who help individuals navigate to their destination with clarity.

Together we are truly taking back control of our lives, building beautiful families, and restoring our communities one woman and family at a time to help stomp out childhood poverty by building women and their children one house at a time.

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